Oct 22, 2012

weekend update

it's monday

i thought this day would never come!

time to start wrapping up loose ends and packing.

i had to make a list first thing this morning or else i was going to go crazy thinking about everything that had to get done between work and leaving.

i've been rushing all morning to get important things out of the way and to leave easy items like filing, cleaning my desk, and delegating my tasks for last minute.

this weekend was pretty much a blur.

we did our usual - mexican, mall, target on friday night.

and saturday i hustled to get down to glendale early in the morning

for the crossing festival!

it was pretty overcast, but bill and i enjoyed perusing the crafts

and...whatever this is...

bill had never been to glendale days so i was glad he got to tag along and i could show him where i went to middle school

we walked around, enjoyed some of the parade, i didn't purchase any crafts, but i did get the one thing i was craving

fresh kettle corn

hot from the kettle

enjoyed with a big red.

bill munched on some of it, but i'm pretty sure i ate half the bag.

and if i had known i wouldn't get home until around midnight without dinner i probably would have finished the whole bag

i spent the rest of my saturday, sadly, helping out with the physical inventory at the plant connected to our corporate office.

i tried my best to sleep in, but i woke up early sunday.  so of course bill and i went to cracker barrel.

we'll definitely be trying out something exotic next sunday morning for breakfast while we're away.

the rest of my sunday was devoted to trying to find a necklace (fail) and then football.

oh, and does anyone else only read the sunday paper for the ads and coupons?

just me?

i love checking out the target ad.

they get me every time

i had been eyeing a keurig,

and from the wedding shower work threw for me last week i had a nice chunk of change burning a hole in my pocket...

and well...this week's special just happened to feature the exact keurig model i had wanted

Keurig Special Edition Home Brewing System - B60 <@ target

and after purchase i would get a $30 gift card to target (available all week)


apple cider enjoyed last night

and this morning i sampled the donut shop k-cup.

i'm really impressed.  the coffee was perfect!  i do think i'll invest in a reusable k-cup so i can enjoy some of my favorite ground coffees.  and yes, there's my other coffee maker - which i intend to keep for when company comes over.

i was wondering though, can i use loose leaf teas in the reusable k-cup? 

besides the sample pack that came with the machine we invested in

Keurig Green Mountain Coffee Pumpkin Spice Coffee K-Cups, 18 pk

seasonal favorite - pumpkin spice

Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa Keurig K-Cups, 16 Count
dark chocolate....mmm...cannot wait to try with marshmallows

 and the apple cider i had last night

so happy to have a new kitchen gadget - he should feel right at home with the other coffee maker, stand mixer, bread maker, rice cooker, soda stream, crock pot, toaster over, and griddle.

ok...back to list making...

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