Oct 16, 2012

nobody freak out

i don't want to alarm anyone

which is why i haven't mentioned this until now

but until this past saturday (exactly 2 weeks before my wedding)

i didn't have a dress.

i know.

who does that?

i mean what kind of bride am i?

well, for starters, one who just wanted to hop on a plane and do something fun instead of planning a wedding!

so i've known for weeks i needed to go find something.

and for a few weeks i was too busy to do that.

and then all of a sudden i was like whoa.

get on that.

so i went to david's bridal to look at short dresses

there weren't any really available in my size and i would have to order - and i doubt 2 weeks is enough lead time.

i also decided that since this was a beach wedding i wasn't overly worried about the dress being an actual wedding dress.

the short dresses i was eying at david's were just over priced summer dresses anyways.

so i headed out saturday to the mall to see what i could scrounge up

apparently the mall doesn't open until 10 on saturday.

so waiting in the parking lot at 8:45 did me zero good :)

once the mall finally did open - i decided to see what anne taylor and gap had on clearance racks.

anne taylor had several cute summery tops - but since i was in dress mode i nixed them and headed to gap

i found 3 different styles of white flowy summer dresses.  one worked the best so i purchased it

for $30

my "wedding" dress was $30.

i would post a picture of it, but since bill reads, i decided not to - i guess you'll just have to wait for the wedding recap!

i then went in to macy's to see if they had anything better.  there were a few comparable dresses, but nothing i was in love with more than what i had already purchased.

i did do a quick walk through the men's section since bill still needed something to wear.

i know.

we don't really plan well.

BUT!  our procrastinating plan actually worked in our favor - because all the summer stuff was 65% off.

i got bill a white shirt to wear with khaki pants for $20.


our total wedding ensemble = $50.

i did want to find sandals to wear - but those are long gone my friends to make way for christmas decorations.

i have sandals but am hoping to find another pair when i get to the keys.

and since i was at the mall i HAD to check out our new anthropologie store

damn you anthropologie.

i mean, you have such cute stuff.

and i DO need some fall/winter options for work...

and about 30 minutes later and several dollars poorer


i got this.

Two-Button Sailor Chemise

in navy - with a white stripe.  i think the tiny buttons on the shoulder sold me.

i think it will look cute with flats or leggings with riding boots.

i've seen this shift style dress everywhere - but this one sold me since it was a heavier knit material instead of drapey jersey or too thin knit - the heavier knit doesn't cling and makes this very reasonable for the colder months.

so yes.  i spent more money at anthropologie than i did on our wedding ensemble.

it happens.

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