Oct 12, 2012

high 5 friday!

finally a high five friday

1. let's first start with a an exciting end to squirrel tails

2. let's also be thankful for these

 3.  as always it's 2 for 20 day!

if you've visited here very often - you know this is a big deal in our house.  at least for bill.  we may have a candle problem

at least our house smells great - my current favorite is fireside marshmallow - YUM!

YAY for date night!  with my recently busy schedule, bill and i haven't had a chance to have an actual date.  bill mentioned last year wanting to see dracula but we never made it - so this year we were able to get tickets for our only free weekend of the running of the play

and lastly

5.  i'm so thankful for cooler weather to get to do this

without breaking a sweat!

have a good weekend ya'll!

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