Oct 3, 2012

midweek musings

happy hump day!

i came home last night to this

that's either bill doing jazzercize or

a blurry picture of bill trying to score 2 stars on just dance to "airplanes" - multiple attempts were made

he got one star

i then declared i could get 2 on my first try.

i got 4.

just dance is my favorite game to bust out when people come over - dance offs always happen - couples vs couples or boys vs girls.

after shaming bill's score, bill was kind enough to make dinner :)

i typically eat a vegetarian diet - bill never really thinks much about it - but he's mostly vegetarian too - except when we go out to eat.

check out the meal he made

clearly cheese is an important food group.

2 cups of steamed broccoli - salted - 50 calories
1 cup mac and cheese - made with soy milk~ 400 calories
half of a baked potato with butter spread, salt and cheese slice ~200

not bad bill!  i think i would have chose potato OR mac and cheese, but since i didn't have to cook, i was happy.

followed by GLEE!  I watched it while in the hotel last week, but bill hadn't seen episode 3, and since i've kind of got him hooked on the show, i gladly watched it again.

i love blain and i love britney.

why yes we keep our furniture covered with sheets and towels.  i DO NOT want woodford to ruin it 
i love this brittany too.

woodford tries so hard to be a lap dog but he's a.) too lanky and awkward and b.) not patient enough to sit still for 2 minutes.

i love that dog.

here's a flashback of how little he was this time last year

he's a punk rocker...

they grow up so quick

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