Oct 16, 2012


bill and i might be a little too technologically connected

we text pretty much throughout the day

i don't know how we come up with stuff to text about, but we do

yesterday though, i was pretty busy - i'm finishing my month end reports, trying to put myself in good standing for year end (november, but a lot of my stuff has to be finished in late october) since i will be gone the last week of the month, preparing for an internal audit, and not to mention trying to map out any lose ends for the upcoming weddingmoon.

so when i looked at my phone at around 5 and noticed i hadn't received a text since 2 pm i was slightly worried.

co-dependent, yes.

especially since this was the last text message i recieved

for some reason i was flooded with thoughts that maybe something else had happened.

and so i frantically kept texting - and the messages weren't being marked as read.

so i called.

like 4 times.

with no answer.

until bill finally called me back

he was on the phone doing his review for work (he works from home)

oooooh.  i was relieved and felt silly. 

i asked what was for dinner and bill thought he would make himself a grilled cheese

which just sounded fantastic with some tomato soup.

so i stopped off at the grocery before heading home

sizzled some butter

made sure the bread was nice and saturated

added cheese and toasted until crisp.  the key to a fantastic grille cheese is totally an cast iron skillet.

and honestly nothing tastes better with a grilled cheese than tomato soup.

the soup really was that orange - it was campbell soups "harvest yellow tomato" or something.  it was quick and hit the spot.  but i'm not really sure how you get 2.5 servings out of those little cans.

enjoyed on the couch while texting bill and looking at pinterest :)

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