Oct 15, 2012

weekend routine

oh hi there

the weekend is already over?

normally i would be all bummed out, but i have 8 more days of work - well i guess 7 since today is almost over with

7 more days and then i'll be on a plane headed to the keys!

but let's talk weekend.

it was great.

bill and i have got quite a routine down.  i was gone for a couple weeks, but prior to that we established a weekend routine that we repeated friday.

it starts with me getting home.

also - i left my phone at work all weekend!  no iphone pictures!  well, i took some with bill's...

then we head to our most favorite mexican restaurant

puerto vallarta  is hands down the best around.

i always order a veggie quessedilla.

and then we take advantage of any sales/coupons i received in my email - which typically happens to be bath and body works coupons.

they were having their 2 for 20 candle sale.

we bought 4 winter scents.

we also bought 4 or 5 in previous weeks.

don't judge.

then we head to target.  bill needed M&M's.  and then we usually buy random items and can never seem to leave without spending under $50

a rousing routine, huh?

saturday night was date night.

oktoberfest for bill and a woodchuck for myself at O'sheas.

we also split a plate of mile high fries.

where i also took pictures of myself

because i love my new hair.

i wore clothes too.  it was pretty warm out and i didn't need a sweater over my maxi dress.

about 30 minutes before our show started we headed to the actor's theater of louisville to pick up our tickets for dracula

and had a bourbon before being seated

i loved dracula!  i have never read the screenplay or novel or seen any dracula movies -so i wasn't quite sure what to expect.  i have seen the true history of vlad of transylvania on the history channel so i picked up on a few references.

this is only my second show ever at actor's but they put on really fantastic shows.  back in my college days i went to EVERY SINGLE production on campus.  i took so many english/theater classes several people thought i was majoring in that - no, i just love theater and improv - but i wanted to have a career... ;)  just kidding...kind of...

and so back to our routine - sunday is now spent getting up pretty early to walk woodford

then....we do breakfast...at cracker barrel.

i know.

we're 72.

but once finished we do our grocery shopping and head home for football.

i really don't mind our routine.  it's nice to get to spend that time together.

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