Oct 4, 2012


good morning

this will be short since i am trying to finish a ton of things at work since i will be out AGAIN this weekend

at least this time it will be for my best friend's wedding :)

of course she lives about 5-6 hours away, so hopefully i can sneak out friday to arrive at a decent hour.

i came home last night and went to the grocery since our fridge was bare.

i wasn't in the mood to really cook so i went to my old stand by

i swear - sweet potatoes never get old to me!

and i know i've posted this meal several times before, so if you haven't tried it you really should!  i mean if you don't like it you're only out about $2

it's cheap, healthy, quick, low cholesterol, low fat, heart healthy, vegan, it's all around great!

sweet potato mess:
wash and poke sweet potato
microwave for 4-5 min; turn over and microwave for 3-5 more minutes
top with 1/2 T "butter" spread to give a creamier texture, but not neccessary
add 1 c drained/rinsed black beans (you can heat these up, but usually my potato is so hot, it's enough to warm the beans up too)
sprinkle with sea salt and cayenne pepper to your liking - cayenne pepper is important - it really balances out the sweetness of the potato


i steamed some asparagus spears and tossed with olive oil and sesame seeds 

total meal = about 450-500 calories

trrrrry it.  you'll like it!

it makes a really easy office lunch if you have a microwave to use!

and don't worry about napkins

 this works too.

so i'm definitely trying to do better on eating actual meals and meaningful snacks and not empty "handful of m&ms" snacks as well as document my calorie intake to see where i can improve my diet.

enter this morning's breakfast:

1 cup of stonyfield low fat french vanilla yogurt (170 calories)
2/3 muesli (130 calories)
coffee with splash of creamer and two sweet n lows ~ 40 calories

breakfast = 340 calories

what did you have for breakfast?


  1. That looks delicious, but it is def. something I would have to make for my lunch. John doesn't like sweet potatoes, beans, or asparagus. Ha.

  2. bill always looks at me and tells me he doesn't like something - and knowing if he was single he would eat a PB&J every day - so i roll my eyes and ask when was the last time he even ate such and such.

    it's always the same answer - i don't know, but i know i don't like it.

    pssh. he tries one bite of what i fix and he proclaims it's good. and while he may be trying to not hurt my feelings - i've made the kid a sushi addict.