Oct 1, 2012

back in louisville

i am soooo thankful to be home.

seriously. so thankful.

i had the longest flight ever where the guy sitting next to me kept licking his arm.  and staring at me.


i couldn't get off the plane quick enough!

it's always nice to see a different part of the country and meet the people who work at the various plants.

even if they believe these are only available in scranton:


it's nice to be back and not have to go grocery shopping for dinner because you're too tired and dirty to go to an actual restaurant

i have no idea what institutional foods are.  i don't think i bought any.  is this a northeast thing?

i did try these

they are local ;)

and they were gross.

since arriving on wednesday, we researched dinner options and came across "nana's"

we made it our goal to treat ourselves after inventory was done.

and oh my dog, was it worth it!


this place is the real deal.

all the pasta is homemade!  i don't think i've ever had homemade pasta.

i ordered the gnocchi.

i've never had gnocchi like this.  it was soft, pillow like, and looked like tiny marshmallows.

and the SAUCE.  it was wonderful.  it tasted like nana had been cooking it all day.

and our internal auditor treated us to a liter of wine

clearly we refused.

after the flight back to louisville, i came home and crashed hard.

working late nights (10 pm) and not going to bed until midnight, and then back up at 5 to run around the plant floor all day again and also spending two days traveling took a lot out of me.

woodford's toy explosion on the floor too a lot out of him too
i'm trying to decide if i'm going to take a half day today to do some chores at the house.

i also need to prepare for my best friend's wedding this weekend - i'll be driving all by myself since bill has to work.

the good news is that we are 24 days out from an uninterrupted week of vacation and our wedding :)

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