Oct 8, 2012

granny's bean chili made vegan

first off

i've added a page to the blog filled with info on the lovelaughwag home

so check it out :)

and now - i wanted to share my favorite chili recipe

i don't like cincinnati chili - cocoa in my chili?  uhm no, that's not how we do it in kentucky.  keep that north of the state line.

i don't want noodles in my chili either.  i mean at that point it's like spicy spaghetti.

the recipe - if you can even call it that - is the same one my mom and granny have used for years.

the recipe - which, let's be real, is just a dump of lots of yummy things into a big pot to make one big yummy thing -is quite easy.

i've omitted the meat from this recipe to make it vegan - and still 100% awesome.

this chili is full of folate, fiber and iron.

and if you have a new soup mug - i highly recommend making this to break it in

1 large or 2 small yellow onions ($1.29 lb - roughly 1lb of onion)
drizzle of olive oil -stock
3 15oz cans black beans (88 cents ea)
3 15 oz cans kidney beans (88 cents ea)
1 large can of tomato juice (2.50 (estimated)
2 packets of mccormick's chili spice mix - i use 1 mild and 1 hot - adjust to your personal preference (low sodium options are available too) (kroger brand were 70 cents each)

roughly chop onion and saute with olive oil for 5 minutes in a large dutch oven or soup pot
while onions are sauteing rinse and drain beans
add tomato juice, spice packets, and beans to pot

bring to a boil and then simmer on low for 10 minutes until everything is heated through.

serve with cheese, sour cream, and tortilla chips - or keep it vegan and top with avocado slices and daiya cheese.

*total cost $10.47
*total cost per serving - i'm going with a generous 10 servings (even though i think you could easily get 12-15 servings)  $1.05  

 *note, you can easily make your own chili spice mix - but when making a big pot of chili i hate using all my EXPENSIVE spices to flavor it- the spice packets are much more affordable - mccormick's is what my granny always uses - but kroger mirror's their product and at 70 cents a packet the overall cost of this meal is so affordable per serving.

*if you want to make it like my grandma does - leave out the black beans and add cooked and drained ground beef (about 1-1.5 lbs)

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