Oct 15, 2012

the walking dead is BACK!

anyone else catch walking dead last night??

i'm relatively new to the series

i played catch up over the past few weeks


and waited in anticipation for season 3 to start.

i was so hooked i was afraid to watch the last episode of season 2 knowing i would have to wait 2 weeks to see what happens next.

but then i said screw it.

and i also went online to the message boards and read theories and also read all about the comic books.

so i don't want to ruin what happens in the first episode for anyone who DVR'd it. 

but i want to say

did lori's bump freak anyone else out?  i mean the bump looked freaky to me, and the way she ran with it - i mean i've seen pregant runners and they don't hold their bump...

that's all...

this is also a PSA for anyone who has not seen the walking dead - maybe i was one of the last to jump on the series, but for any other stragglers - go get caught up on netflix!

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