Nov 5, 2012

my wedding story

sometimes in life i think you luck out by the roll of the dice

and other times i think God steps in and gives us a little nudge

whether by divine intervention or the roll of the dice

i was blessed

on october 27th 2012 i married my most favorite friend in the whole world.

on higgs beach in key west

with our sunglasses on, and hurricane sandy's winds whipping in our hair (my hair..)

we said i do

and i became mrs. ottman

we toasted with ginger ale
took pictures of feet

and family

made official thanks to impromptu tables

and for the love of sugar

don't forget the cake!

for those of you who made the long journey to share our special day i want to say thank you, again.  it meant the world to us.

and for those of you who cheered us on from home we couldn't ask for more.

i apologize for being MIA last week, but i was busy enjoying my time away from home.

i cannot wait to share our honeymoon pictures!

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