Nov 14, 2012

turkey trot

we're now 8 days away from thanksgiving!!!

and for the past 2 years bill and i have ran the 6 mile turkey trot together on thanksgiving morning

and i haven't been running in probably a month and a half.

i had plans to run the past two mornings

but it was rainy

and cold.

and now i have 7 days to try and get myself ready to run 6 miles.

i'm pretty sure i could knock out 3 or 4 tight now.

but 6 sounds like a lot.

so.  really this is just a public plea

to hold me accountable.

i really don't want to walk all 6 miles

because walk or run - i'm finishing

it makes that pumpkin pie taste so much better.

and...we may have procured turkey hats to wear for the run....

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