Nov 16, 2012

thankful november

it's friday!  so it's...

5 things i'm jazzed about this week:


winter beer is out!  i picked up the leinenkugel winter mix - and while this one was pretty stouty - it definitely tasted like winter

my alma mater (berea college) has a new president and he is in town to speak - so i've reserved my seat to meet him.

my aunt who also went to berea for a short period of time is joining me

picture courtesy of bereacollege twitter
roelofs (right) is a runner and is encouraging the campus to run with him.  he also has what appears to be a brittany spaniel, too.  i feel like we have so much in common!  side story - i started running in college and i miss running the tiny town of berea so much!  i used to run everywhere - and i would have covered half the town in 5 miles :)

my aunt and i got the first dog a little gift from three dog bakery...

this is the last full week before a nice short work week (the rumor is mon-wed will be casual as well)

it's freezing out but we still have yet to turn the heat on.  thanks to impart a downstairs condo who i assume keeps his place at 85 degrees.  oh and...

my own brittany spaniel that doubles as a blanket

everybody pile in now!

short (hopefully) friday work days.  i'm typing this thursday, so this may not end up being true.  but today (friday) i'm down at our campbellsville plant to help with physical inventory.  i have to be up at 5:30 am - but there's a good possibility i'll be done at 3 pm.  so fingers crossed....

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