Nov 6, 2012

honeymoon part 2

if you're interested

you can read about my wedding story, first days in key west, and part 1 of the honeymoon

where did we leave off?  monday night?

tuesday we decided we wanted to drive up the keys and do some exploring

in style

we rented a 2012 mustang convertible - red.  it was fun!

and a little windy/cool out

we made it over the seven mile bridge and parked

took some pictures

and chugged right on up the keys

with no plan in mind, we stopped in key largo at a state park

the name escapes me at the moment - but when we got there we were about an hour early for the last glass bottom boat tour of the day

we got our tickets and waited

i didn't take a ton of pictures since it's hard to take pictures of the ocean with a layer of plexiglass standing between you

but it was the first time i had ever seen the coral reef - and the guides were very entertaining and knowledgeable

i also got to see this guy (not my picture)
Christ of the Abyss

the christ of the abyss

very cool

by the time we got off the boat it was time to drive back to key west - but not before stopping for din din

if we had thought the car rental out - we would have thought to rent the car on our last full day so that we would have a vehicle to get to the airport (where we rented)....we weren't that clever...

so wednesday this week is flying by...

and we celebrated halloween by first visiting the lighthouse

 after paying admission i then discovered my fear of heights.

the staircase wasn't attached to the wall - it just wound up itself and after 5 steps i was shaking and had to bail out

luckily bill is a trooper

and got some nice shots from above

water water everywhere

we toured the island some more

if you're in key west for an extended stay - you have to rent a bike or if you can afford it a scooter - but a bike is the way to go!

and you get to see so much more by bike

whether anything happened there or not isn't the point

i must say it felt really weird to be enjoying warm weather on halloween

but it would have been a shame not to take it all in - sandal tan lines and all

we had made reservations to do a sunset cruise, and decided we should clean up and pedal down towards the water

it was an all you could drink sunset cruise

so we look a little toasty

but so was everyone else
but honestly we came for the views

and what do you do when you get off the all you can drink boat on halloween?

you go to a bar where the bartender is serving drinks in a tutu

and you let your husband (!!!) smoke a nasty cigar....while learning about manatee's apparently...

so yeah... we pretty much came home and crashed.

so how do you spend a slightly hungover last full day?

you rent jet skis!  i didn't bring my camera in fear of falling in - but i took pictures with a disposable water camera- which i haven't developed yet - and who knows if they'll even develop to a quality that will be worthy of scanning in and show you - we'll see.

i will say that thank goodness the water was fairly calm - because bouncing up and down on the choppy atlantic side was not my ideal way of nursing a headache

this guy completely understood

yeah...he was waiting up on the dock after we were done....and i will also tell you we found one on our balcony....FREAKED OUT!

but apparently they like potato chips.  who knew.

we also spent the rest of our day kayaking - again - i used the water camera.  and let's just say those waves weren't making me feel 100% either.  and after seeing some jellyfish float by i was somewhat over it.  but i had never kayaked before was work.  but it was fun

we walked around duval street one last time, had dinner in a place off the beaten path, got some key lime pie and then were texted a photo of woodford

and bill teared up.  he missed our puppy.  and woodford looked completely worn out at our friend's house.

we rode our bikes home one last time and worked on packing our bags.

it was so sad to leave, but we WERE missing our furkids.

so long key west!  until maybe our anniversary?

oh yeah...cuba is closer than the nearest wal-mart.

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