Nov 28, 2012

green bean delivery

such a stressful time of year

our fiscal year end is november

which makes the last 2-3 weeks in november a nightmare

i'm currently working through lunch to play catch up on emails and miscellaneous tasks

last night i played catch up on the walking dead - i totally slept through sunday night's episode.

and of course

my biggest fear is coming true- that there is only one more episode before they go on a 3-ish month break.


you just know that both camps are going to meet up and discover andrea and merle at woodbury and daryl in rick's camp.

and that's where they'll leave us - with nothing resolved.  ugh.

on a positive note

after a few months hiatus

i received a green bean delivery!

if you're not familiar

green bean is a type of csa that offers fresh produce on a weekly or every other week basis

they operate in the southern indiana-louisville region as well as operations in northern ky/cincinnati, indianapolis, muncie, ft wayne, dayton and columbus

their bins are completely customizable and come in different priced sizes.

besides JUST produce, they offer an online grocery store with SEVERAL kitchen staples as well as bulk items at competitive prices.

the best part about it...well ok, one of the best parts about it is that they deliver directly to your front door!

my other favorite part is the flexibility.  i subscribe to an every other week delivery, but, say for instance, i'm going out of town, i can cancel my delivery up to the day before my scheduled delivery.

you are also only charged for the deliveries you receive on the day of - no membership fees or automatic renewals.

another perk is that everything in your bin is listed as local, organic, conventional grown, tropical, from the united states, or sustainably grown item.

each week that i am scheduled to have a delivery i put my green bin out on my front step (you will receive your bin on your first purchase)

i then come home to this

there is an ice pack in the bin so no need to worry if you don't get home right away (i think my delivery is usually around 4ish on tuesdays)

i opt for the produce-grocery bin.  it is $28 and is described best for 1-2 people.  i sometimes don't cook as much as i should so these veggies are plenty without being wasteful for bill and i.

your order must be $35 or more (the other bins reach this requirement), but since my bin is $28 i pick out different products from their grocery store to supplement my order.  if you do not make it to the $35 threshold you will be charged the $35 anyways.

this week i received three stalks of romaine, three navel oranges, i added a can of coconut milk - for a curry recipe and some stir fry noodles - perfect for cooking veggies with

i also supplemented my order with cheese....mmm...cheese..

a bag of brussels sprouts (cannot wait), an english cucumber, and rainbow chard - i've never cooked chard but i'm excited to cook some down or make a soup

also, hiding in a paper bag, there were apples and pears...mmm!!!

in the past i've discovered some amazing brands that were new to me, including

frog ranch pickles

they also make salsa - which i plan on ordering next

but their pickles are crazy good.

fresh, crunchy, and the hot ones are SPICY and addictive.

they're ohio based, but before green bean i had never heard of them - but did see their products in my kroger store a few weeks later.  (and the prices were exactly the same)

i love green bean delivery for exactly this reason - i get to discover new products - and whereas in a store setting i would hem and haw about putting something new in my basket, online i need to reach $35 so i feel obliged to try something new (and local)

secondly, i love that new vegetables make their way into my kitchen (chard) and because i hate to waste food - i'm forced to sit down and find a recipe to try.  broadening horizons - one food at a time :)

if you're even a bit curious about the delivery system, the most you would be out is $35 and you can cancel right away - no hidden fees.

i am definitely not an ambassador of green bean delivery - just a very satisfied customer. 

so if you're located in any of their delivery radii give them a try and support local farmers and businesses as well as organic and sustainable growing practices. 

on that note, i didn't have time to plan last night's meal around any of my delivery items - like i said earlier, i had taken a few months off from deliveries (summer produce is so abundant that i still prefer going to farmer's markets during that time of year)

so bill and i chowed down on

raviolis and salad.

delicious carbs.

has anyone else used green bean or a similar service?


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