Nov 19, 2012

weekend update

good monday  morning!

can you believe thanksgiving is this week?

3 days at work for me and then a nice long weekend.

i honestly don't mind being here for these 3 days - most people have taken off work the whole week - so traffic is light and the office is pretty empty which = total goof off time.

well maybe not total - i have year end to prepare for.

this weekend i was feeling festive.

and i was craving a fruit salad

nothing screams holidays to me more than a fruit salad - my grandma always whipped one up and i think i single handedly ate most of it.

clementines, grapes, apples, bananas and a healthy scoop of sugar.

and since i was feeling festive, bill and i decided to put up our "fun" tree - our tree with all of our childhood ornaments on it.

it was fun going down memory lane while going through the ornaments

this little nest - i've had since kindergarten.

and this cookie plate i've had since i was little - from louisville stonewear - it's just begging for cookies to be made.

so while the christmas music was blasting and the lights were being untangled

i was mixing up a new to me concoction.  i've never bought prosecco - and when i read somewhere to pair it with juice - to tone down the sweetness of the juice and add sweetness to the otherwise dry sparkling wine - it sounded like the perfect holiday - lower cal - drink option.

trop50 has a ton of flavors out - and this pear and lychee tea was so good!  and i can feel less guilty about drinking juice with just 45 calories per serving.  mixing it with the prosecco is pretty much a different flavor variation on a mimosa - this mix would make a wonderful brunch punch.  i mixed in a glass 1-1, but you could play around with it depending on how sweet or sparkling you prefer.

i even busted out the christmas glasses

we have a nice couch under there - we just keep it perpetually covered due to cute animals who run the house
and woodford would not leave the couch.  when i popped the cork on the sparkling wine he tucked his little nub of a tail and ran for cover.  bless his heart.

there are several more decorations i cannot wait to pull out - but i'm holding out until this weekend.  i am also planning to get my first real tree.  i'm fairly scared that woodford will eat the branches and the cat will climb to the top of it - but for years i've wanted a real tree and so i'm just going to do it.  i have no idea how far in advance i can put one up though - any ideas?

sunday morning was typical

lots of coffee
and a walk with my guys.

i hadn't seen bill's family in a while and we decided to have everyone over - and homemade pizzas sounded fun

i whipped up the dough

(and got ready for some football)

chopped up several veggies and when everyone came over we started creating!  i wish i had time to take a picture of all the lovely veggies and the actual finished product

but everything was ate and gone so fast

i'm going to take that as a compliment

i also discovered how easy homemade pizza is -  i think this will be a weekly menu edition.  it has to be a lot healthier than take out and frozen-  all fresh veggies and no butter or sugar!

bill and i had the evening to ourselves...

to watch santa baby, arthur christmas...and or course...

the walking dead

those are spiderman argyle socks...he couldn't wait for santa to bring them...
i can't get enough of the walking dead - i'm also starting to panic about how many episodes are left in the season and where they will leave us hanging! 

i'm curious as to why michone can walk freely among the biters, and i'm anxious to see how the merle and darryl  relationship will play out when/if they get reunited - i think darryl is a big softie and is totally going to hookup with carol. i'm also suspicious of andrea - i feel like she's going to give her allegiance to the governor, along with her lady goods, and betray her old group somehow.


and after an hour of zombie guts

 i fell asleep watching the grinch.  i remember thinking as a kid that this cartoon was so long - and now it seems so short.

i guess that's how i feel about the holidays too - as a kid it seemed like christmas was so far away after thanksgving - but now the weeks are flying by too fast.  which is why i said the heck with enjoying christmas before thanksgiving - it'll be gone before i know it so i might as well just take in the spirit!

here's to a short work week!!

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