Nov 8, 2012

sucked in

so you know how yesterday i was all like - man let's hold off on christmas - let's think about tofurky or something...


i spent last night looking at christmas inspired pinterest pins and i checked out handmade christmas on etsy.

it was like i was possessed.

bill was able to get off work early (he works evenings) and i was kinda like....welll...i kind of want to pinterest some more...

i get totally sucked in looking at crafts and then never actually do them.  i have one knit sock and have not even started on its pair!

i'm going to make a promise to myself to knit at least an hour a day to try and get some projects done. 

beauty shot


and i had a request from my cousin for some knit house slippers - not sure if that's what she really wants but they would be quick to do since it's just the toe and heel part of a sock

i'm pretty good at knitting, but not good enough i can knit and watch tv - especially if it's a complicated pattern.  if it's redundant i could totally knock it out while watching tv

oh and i also want to make a couple more of these - only winter inspired

perhaps for the brother and sister in-laws

with the sun setting at like 4:30 i need keep up with my hobbies or i'll be in bed by 8.

so while i'm not ready to bust out the christmas tree and tinsel - i'm not opposed to doing some christmas inspired crafts and gifts.

honey...get out my glue gun!

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