Nov 8, 2012

seasonal foodie's dream

did you know this exists?

i had no idea

i've been in love with this though

but kroger is always out of it when i go :(

i'm also late to the game on this holiday find

as our kroger seems to have ran out of it since we were there on sunday :(  luckily i found another loaf at the kroger near work.  we've been toasting it for breakfast all week!

and i googled...and it looks like i have a winter version to fill my void

as much as everyone gets excited about pumpkin flavored everything - i get super pumped for cranberry flavored everything.

i'm also big on seasonal beers

when i discovered the "fall" woodchuck hard ciders i scoured the local stores - finally able to find 2 remaining 6packs at liquor world.  i bought them both.  and i've been savoring them and kind of wanting to save them.  i panicked a bit when bill had two in one day. 

anyone else love seasonal products?

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