Nov 12, 2012

weekend update

the only thing that's making this monday feel merrier :

i thought the pumpkin flavor was heaven and there was nothing greater.  i was wrong.  this tastes like a warm hug.  and it's made this cold rainy morning more manageable.

and i'm going to officially stop pretending to be all "no christmas until after thanksgiving!"

i pretty much haven't stopped listening to the station that's playing christmas music.  and i may have tried to watch a a christmas movie on the hallmark channel.  i was overruled by football though.

our little house is even in the midst of transition.  i mean, i figured we only have another week and a half until thanksgiving anyways...

i changed out our table runner - a snowflake one i found at target.

but we still have the fall season clearly represented

and these cute garland turkeys i found in the dollar bin at target - marked down 70%!!! 

besides getting in the christmas spirit.

we drank some spirits.

saturday we went to our second annual bourbon party.

what started out as a birthday celebration for our good friend nick has now turned in to a yearly tradition

and the weather was absolutely perfect

i played dd saturday night and let bill have fun, but i'm pretty sure we're getting old when we decide to go home at 11:30.  which is really late in my book.  but back in the day....

sunday we had planned a bit of a photo shoot - we i wanted to do christmas cards this year since we're official and all - and vistaprint is running a really great deal!

our friends drew and laura came by sunday morning and we got woodford all dolled up

once i get the pictures back i'll give you a sneak peak of our cards this year!

and apparently posing for pictures all morning takes a lot out of our guy

the rest of our sunday was pretty normal - football for bill and i read a new book.  i did however set in stone the gifts i planned on making - more on that later.  i need to make a trip to michaels and test out some yarn.

9 pm meant walking dead - and omg....what is going on on the walking dead?  is rick losing it?  why is the phone ringing?  who is calling???

we totally pregamed walking dead

with cookies

and a shot...since i didn't get to partake saturday. 

and is this not the most pitiful dog?

yes.  i have on an old lady christmas nightgown.  don't judge.
he was practically begging to go to his crate to sleep.  and who am i to deny sleep?

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