Nov 19, 2012

non traditional thanksgiving

let's talk turkey

i love thanksgiving.


i love the idea of thanksgiving.

thankfulness, naps, football, a parade

traditional thanksgiving meal?


after a brief hiatus, i'm back on the vegetarian bandwagon (which i have been for several months now) - the grass wasn't greener on the carnivore side.  actually, my meals were missing a lot of greens.

and well...things weren't regular.

so let's go ahead and cross off the main centerpiece of the meal - the turkey.

so that leaves us with dressing.  which, even if it's not made with turkey flavorings - it's still pretty mushy.

mashed potatoes?  green bean, sweet potato, broccoli casseroles? - all mushy and overly rich.

and don't even get me started on cranberry molded in the shape of a can.

i'm not trying to be a scrooge about the meal - because honestly - i don't have to cook, and i'm definitely not volunteering to do a whole thanksgiving meal - so i should just shut up right?

i'm just laying it out there - that when bill and i have our own family, and i venture out to do a thanksgiving day meal - it won't be traditional.

i can already tell you bill is shaking his head and saying no way - there has to be turkey and potatoes - and he better hope someone else is fixing them.

because this is my thanksgiving meal taking place sometime in the future - and i want tofu pad thai.

or a create your own burrito mexican thanksgiving.

i can compromise if needed

we can have a non traditional symbolic thanksgiving day meal

but it will include

field roast hazelnut cranberry roast en croute

field roast grain meat is probably some of the best meatless main dishes available

and i want lightly blanched broccoli

roasted potatoes

and roasted carrots.

and for heavens sake i will cook my own cranberry sauce -> this one to be specific

but i'm definitely not fixing that this year...

so that leaves the question what will i be eating at our family's gatherings?


i love pie.  and i'm not ashamed to say that i will get my yearly fill of pumpkin pie and hopefully a couple of other desserts.

i mean, it is a glutinous holiday and i don't want to disappoint... 

please tell me i'm not the only one who isn't a fan of traditional thanksgiving food?


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