Nov 27, 2012

thankful november

it's been so long!

thanksgiving/black friday/small business saturday/cyber sunday-monday really kept me busy

so let's get caught up on what i'm thankful for

pitiful puppies that are sad about missing out on turkey.

turkey trots and ridiculous hats.  warning: if you wear said hats you WILL be interviewed by the local news.  i was too embarrassed to watch- but i've heard it's on whas11 's website after it aired on the noon news. also, in the past 3 years, this is by far the best weather we've had for thanksgiving.  we've battled cold and rain previously.


post run starbucks - per tradition.


oh and post run, pre-thanksgiving mimosas.

Vanna Speaks
this book.  which i discovered sitting in the in-law's sunroom.  i'm sure it's an inspirational read.  and the reviews on amazon are off the charts:

4.0 out of 5 stars Turns letters, write books, does sit ups - I LOVE HER!!!, December 7, 2003
"idioteqnician" (Montreal, Quebec, Canada) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Vanna Speaks (Hardcover)
I bet that at any given moment, somebody, somewhere, is writing a Master's thesis called something like "I'd Like To Solve the Puzzle: B-Celebrities and Why We Love Them".From the very get-go in chapter 1, when Vanna tells you how she does her sit-ups then gives you instructions to make her favourite afghan, right to page 190, at the very end, when Vanna shamelessly plugs McDonald's, Spring Air mattresses, and Nestle's chocloate (and including more than 32 pages of photos inbetween!), I thought this book was brilliant and brainless. Apparently, just after this book was shortlisted for the Man Booker in early 1987, some scandalous, unauthorized photos of Vanna were published in Playboy.


black friday shopping.  and crazy people.  for everyone who thinks their too good to go out shopping and that we're all just a bunch of consumerist freaks.  you're right.  and you're also boring.  there's something humbling about standing in line for 30 minutes to buy sweatpants for $5.  and how often do you get to talk to complete strangers who have been up for 22 hours and are wearing antlers and pajama pants?


 margaritas - for after talking to grown women wearing antlers at macys while wearing pajama pants


covered football arenas.


and  friendly fans...who even though you're rooting for the away team (buffalo), don't heckle you when your quarterback can't throw a touchdown pass to save his life.


a husband that drives all the way up and all the way back in one day while i can lay back and read buzzfeed.


friends who are willing to watch our little bundle of brittany spaniel while we're out for the day.  bless his heart he was so tired when we got home - he ran us over to get in his crate to sleep.



i'm thankful for my health, bill's health, family and friends to get together with, friends that are far away but keep in touch, opportunities and blessings that are occurring in our lives,


pie.  thank you jesus for pie.

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