Nov 29, 2012

i won - just not the jackpot


it looks like i'm keeping my day job

i was in a pool at work, bill bought tickets, and i bought tickets - i also purchased a scratch-off

you know

spread my investments around

i may not be a multi-millionaire

but i did win $3 on a $2 scratch-off

so i celebrated/drowned my sorrows

with this deliciousness

omg.  i don't think i've ever had gelato

but after seeing a friend post pictures of this brand and how obsessed she was

i decided to give it a whirl

and at about $5 a pop...i just bought one

lottery winnings well spent, though.

it's a good thing they are priced so high, otherwise i would have just ate the whole pint and called it dinner.

did anyone else have high hopes of winning?

i was prepared to take a vacation first

then i was going to start designing my new home

that would be positioned on a few acres

so i could start my own dog rescue

and i would share my winnings with my close friends and family - make sure everyone had a house and a new car all paid for

and then travel for a year.

maybe next time :)

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