Nov 30, 2012

o tannenbaum

christmas tree number 3 is up at the ottman house!

i hate that carpet - phantom dark spots?? new flooring in 2013!
this is my first real tree and i just love it already

we went to lowes and decided a douglas fir and short needles were ideal

the lady trimmed the lower branches down, cut the end of the trunk, and wrapped her up!  we even kept the cut piece from the trunk to make an ornament with (i had seen this on pinterest, and the lady at lowes suggested it too)

our lovely sheet covered couch....
bill wrapped the tree with twinkling lights

i supervised with the winter edition woodchuck (the fall is still by far my favorite)

and cooked bean burgers - these bean burgers - it's my go to bean burger and i usually doctor it up - this time with corn and red pepper flakes

after eating we went ahead and added ornamnets

we probably could have gotten a tad bigger tree, but i think this guy is just so cute - and full - the perfect roundness

we enjoyed the tree for a few minutes with the lights off

and then it hit me - it was passed 10 o'clock - the time i hit the hay

ugh...such a busy night

but i really wanted to get the tree up since we're having people over tonight for game night

and i promised to make i also spent some time making a double batch of dough

luckily it's friday!

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