Nov 27, 2012

decking the halls

i'm SLOWLY trying to get back in the swing of things

i took monday off

after traveling sunday to and from the football game

i wanted a day to myself.

to sit and relax

watch christmas movies

maybe pull out a few decorations.

bill had other plans

which included ripping apart the closets + spare bedroom

which stressed me out.

but bill was so sweet.  he wanted to make the spare bedroom more craft friendly for me. 

you know

so i could actually get in the room to work.

my sewing table had become cat feeding central - and behind it were boxes of...stuff...and i basically never went in here to do anything.

after several hours of cleaning, reorganizing, and creating goodwill/consignment piles

the spare bedroom was looking inviting

the living room however...

was being consumed.

i also found two bags of beanie babies.

an extensive collection of mcdonalds varieties as well

how cute is this guy?

too bad the hundreds of dollars these bad boys were trading for are now worth zilch.

so a trip to the consignment store, goodwill, and half priced books (instantly $25 richer!)

i returned to a clutter free spare bedroom (why i didn't take an after picture, i will never know)

and funny thing.

now that my craft supplies are accessible

i actually busted out some knitting needles and started...AND FINISHED...a project!

it's a gift.  or i'd show you my finished product.  i'm pretty excited about it.

so now that our home, at least the spare bedroom and living areas, are decluttered - we can make way for christmas!  and christmas decorations!  another tree! (we have 2 up already in our 1100 sq ft tiny home) and...well new stuff to take up space! 

does anyone else do a massive declutter before the holidays to make way for new stuff?


  1. Bill came come organize my spare bedroom and make it more crafting friendly any time he likes =)

  2. bless his heart...he does the majority of the cleaning - i can't remember the last time i did dishes.