Nov 7, 2012

the usual

sorry for all the key west pictures and posts.

i definitely still wish i was there

but you know...

it was time to be home

and back to business as usual

mexican food, cracker barrel, and 

target - you see what was 70% off

seriously missed this place.

this was one gross mask.  that we didn't buy.
and was so excited to see all the christmas stuff out

i'm definitely one who prefers to wait until AFTER thanksgiving to decorate - because i really love fall and i really love my fall decorations!  they need ample time to be displayed too!

but it's fun to see all the new decorations out there and start planning how i want to decorate this december.

bill really wanted a tree in his office (our spare bedroom) to lift his spirits at work - so we snagged a 6' tree at target for $20 (!!!)

and i have my heart set on a real christmas tree in our living room this year

displayed in a galvanized tub

something like this - since hopefully it would keep the pets from destroying/peeing on it

i also love to buy real garland to hang above the doorways - it can be messy but nothing beats that smell!

and christmas crafts!

i made burlap stockings last year that i can't wait to get out either!

 ok, so i totally understand why people get in the christmas spirit right after halloween....but i'm going to do my best to rein my merriness in until after thanksgiving.

how about you - christmas cheer starts before or after thanksgiving?

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