Nov 9, 2012

thankful november

it's friday and i know everyone has been making a list of what they're thankful for everyday on facebook.  but i thought it would be appropriate to include my usual list of 5 things at the end of everyweek in lieu of doing that.

is this offensive?  what about this joke  "what does a native american dog say?"  howwwwwl.  sorry.  moving on...
since i've been mia for the past couple of weeks - i'll include a few things i'm thankful from last week too!


i'm mrs ottman! 

i was signing my name to something the other day - and i wasn't sure which name to use since i haven't officially changed mine...but i guess i need to start practicing.  did anyone else used to doodle on their notebooks in middle school with your last name written as some celebrity crush?  i'm totally going to do that this afternoon.  except with my real life crush.


i took this picture in the bathroom this morning so it looks orangey

but i love that i get to wear my wedding band now too!  i think it makes my ring look more fancy.  also.  it was bought on amazon.  i wasn't 100% sure how it would look - but i think it matches up nicely


if you've been reading then you know about recent christmas inner struggle.  i love getting caught up in the excitement - even this early, but i've firmly put my foot down on decorating early.

but that hasn't stopped me from completely geeking out over this king arthur flour catalog  i got in the mail.  i'm ready to get my bake on!  (not in the washington/colorado sense)


it's officially cold enough at night (which is major booo) BUT it does mean snuggling up on the couch with a blanket

or you know...a wildcat snuggie.  i have one complaint - i'm continually trying to close the back of my snuggie to keep a cold draft from seeping in.  the snuggie is pretty much flawed in that department unless you clothespin it shut.  or perhaps i need to graduate to the forever lazy.

if this isn't the epitome of sexy, i don't know what is.


my boss is great!  and so is our internal auditor who bought us these shirts

i know the honey badger is so 2011 but i like that the nickname has remained.  and also - i'm not a giant.  i'm pretty tall (5'6)  but my boss is just incredibly short (she has boots on and i have flats on)

and i'm throwing in a couple more thankfuls since i was mia:

*starbucks red cups are out!

i enjoyed a gingerbread latte last weekend - and omg it was so good.  the spiciness of the gingerbread won me over and will be my fall/winter go to drink.

also - look who is almost a gold card carrying starbucks member!

i have a little over a month to get 7 more stars!  who wants to go get coffee?!

*i also heard my first christmas song today!  it happened by accident really

i was listening to morning radio on my drive in this morning and i was bored with the talking so i flipped over to 105.5 genX radio - sometimes they play some great 90's flashbacks!  but i was surprised when i heard...

jingle bell rock - which of course instantly reminded me of this movie.

i only listened for about 3 songs before i deemed it too early to continue.

annnnnd it wouldn't be friday if i didn't mention bath and body works

$10 off any purchase of $30 or more*

go online and print off your coupon - it's good through the 18th!  i've been stocking up on pump soaps for stocking stuffers.

ok - enjoy your weekend!  it's supposed to be in the 70's here :)


  1. aww the pup is so cute and I LOVE that picture of you two!! I like having a wedding bad that's separate because I'll take my other ring off when I lift and can still have on the pretty band :)

  2. Well thank you! We had christmas pictures done today and the puppy posed quite well - I was impressed! And yes, separate bands are the way to go if you're active or work in the yard but still want to wear something - I feel naked without my ring