Nov 5, 2012

part 1 of the honeymoon

ah so where do i begin?

i've already told you about our arrival and our first day in town

so the rest of our honeymoon looked a little like this

(these were taken over multiple days, even though i seemed to have worn the same outfits every day - hey - it was comfortable!)

we woke up every morning to this lovely sight right outside our window

as well as this sound

saturday was spent tying the knot

but we hung out in our jammies until then

and grabbed a hearty egg sammich at a great french bakery (which we visited 2 or 3 times while in key west)

after getting hitched

we did a quick costume change and headed out to dinner

where i clearly look overwhelmed with excitement (and bill is already fidgeting with his ring)

after dinner we experienced what is called fantasy fest

it was....wild.  and that's probably the tamest picture i feel comfortable showing.  lots of nakedness.

we stuck around for the parade - it was the final day of the festival

i was really impressed with the elaborate floats

and costumes

but really...we were there for the beads

our necks were pretty heavy by the end of the night.

sunday was spent being tourists and lazy

more chickens

lazy afternoon by the pool

hangover cocktails for the masses

and an off the beaten path restaurant and bar where shots were consumed in our honor.

monday was much more eventful

it involved sharks!

the feeding of sharks too!  go bill go!  (he was the only volunteer)

adorable turtles that had been rescued

and a berry stained iguana.  who pooped right after this picture was taken.

we also got a discount to go to this museum after the aquarium, so we took advantage of it

a bit more touristy - but a lot of good information of how the island came to be

the tower was 60' high and offered some pretty cool views of the island

and apparently being a tourist can be taxing

two for one deal at the rooftop cafe (split between bill and i)

literally on the roof looking down.

and in an effort to not make this a complete photo bomb, we'll visit how the rest of the week played out tomorrow!

i'll leave you with a picture of my aunt letting loose

just kidding...she had like 2 drinks and called it a night.

we did too shortly thereafter.

stay tuned for part 2!

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