Sep 24, 2013

my wittle baby tat

morning ya'll

i'm linking up with allie @ tales with of a twenty something


and we're talking tattoos today!

i just have one

when i set out to run my first half marathon, some time in the process i said i would get a tattoo when i finished

i worked really hard to earn my first half marathon

and over the course of 4 months of training i had plenty of time to think about what kind of tattoo i would get

i decided i wanted a lotus flower, but nothing too big and nothing too colorful

i work in an office, and knew i wanted to keep it simple and not like a teardrop on my cheek

i decided since i had ran for this tattoo that getting it put on my foot would be a good spot and a good reminder of where my feet alone could take me

after searching the internets (this was before pinterest) i found this mandala like drawing

and i thought it would be cool to have the "ohm" symbol inserted in the middle - since running is my happy and calming place

so needless to say i ran the damn thing (in nashville) and took home the shirt and medal

(also, i met bill the day after this race)

a week later i was sitting at the tattoo place...parlor?

tattoo parlor?  is that what it's called?

i actually made an appointment, and felt super uncool when the guy was like, yeah, people usually just walk in


i chose the guy to do my tattoo based on his artwork posted online

and the fact that his "name" is boomer

i feel like i needed a guy named "boomer" to do this.

and he was a lot of fun.

i actually got a pedicure before getting my tattoo because i wanted to have pretty feet in case the tattoo guy was hot.

i also watched youtube videos of people freaking out about getting tattoos and crying and screaming.

so i brought my little mermaid pillow with me just in case

but i was a little disappointed/surprised at how little the tattoo hurt

i was probably there for an hour or so

and while it didn't feel good, i definitely couldn't figure out why people thought this hurt

and i would think out of all places, my foot would be a sensitive area?

a few people at work tease me about it - saying it looks like a sheriff's badge - which is still pretty cool in my book

and i've also had SEVERAL people compliment me on my "henna tattoo" - i think maybe because it's a turquoise tattoo and not black they don't think it's real

so when i say, "it's a real tattoo" they give me a funny look and say "oh, it's so pretty though"

it'll be 3 years next wednesday since i got the tattoo

and i still love it

would i get another one?

i've thought about it

but i can't really imagine another place on my body that i would want one

so i'm ok with just the one.

do you have any tattoos? 


  1. So very pretty... really like that it's different!

  2. I really like the symbolism behind it and the placement. I have two on my feet and they huuuuurt! But I'm also so glad I have them :) Thanks for linking up!