Sep 30, 2013

5 tips for staying healthy while traveling

i'm back!

dallas was nice

but i am so glad to be back home!

i feel all sorts of out of the loop

so behind on my blog reading

super behind on my sleep and sleep schedule

and i don't even want to talk about my messed up potty schedule.

i left off on friday when i had managed to get up and accidentally run 5 miles (instead of 4)

and on saturday evening i totally rocked out 8-10 miles.  i say 8-10 miles because my run keeper went a little crazy and i'm not exactly sure how far i went.

runkeeper actually said i completed 11 miles.

based on my time i think i did closer to 8.5 miles

based on google maps and the length of the trail i did 9.5


the point is i got some quality running in

on a gorgeous paved trail at white rock lake

even though it was completely overcast and the sun was setting quickly.

i wanted to stop and take pictures of the beautiful views

but i was also trying to outrun the setting sun

it was so nice to be able to run a completely flat distance.

i'm always mowing down hills at home which makes me feel so slow

it was nice to have some miles under 10 minutes on this run - which really helped boost my ego.


i thought it would be fun to share some tips and tricks to sticking to healthy living while on business trips or vaction

i usually only travel once or twice a year for business - but typically it's for 3 or 4 nights

if it was only a night or two i probably wouldn't worry as much with sticking with my normal routine

but  taking almost a week off isn't acceptable if you're serious about training for an event or maintaining a healthy diet (eating out for a whole week can really set you back - especially when you try to regain normalcy again)

tip #1

go grocery shopping!  if you're on business, most hotel rooms will have a mini fridge - so use it!  if you're on vacation you could also save yourself some $'s by eating a meal in the room/condo once a day

pick up fresh fruit which will curb a sweet tooth or make a quick snack

i love to try new restaurants, but i cannot eat every meal out either

these little packets of peanut butter with a big apple is plenty for lunch

tip #2

plan on working out - whether you run, walk, lift - make sure you've got everything with you so you can't make an excuse not to!

obviously you can't pack heavy weights or your bike

but you can make sure you have proper clothes, shoes, headphones etc for working out in the hotel gym

tip #3

check with the hotel staff/co-workers/google to make sure you're in a safe area of town for running and/or seek out fun new running/walking spots

if you have to travel for work, at least you may get to see new parts of the country, and if your schedule affords you the time - check out local parks - which sure as hell beats a hotel gym

tip #4

don't forget to fuel properly!  i know i was drinking a lot more soda and eating way different foods than i was used to, so my water intake wasn't the best

but i made sure i had some options before and after my runs

tip #5

at the end of the day, you're away from home and family which can be a real bummer

i tried to stay positive and know that i would be home soon

i also was really proud of myself for sticking to my running schedule

so i think that deserves a treat!

since changing my eating habits, i can't go out and have several drinks or eat a big meal, even if it's on the company dime

but small indulgences are perfectly fine

if you keep your splurges small you'll feel less like a bloated blimp once arriving back home - and getting back in a regular routine will feel seamless.

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