Sep 10, 2013

health screening

today was my least favorite day of the year

health screenings at work

it's not that i have much to worry about health wise

it's just the impending doom of having to get blood drawn

i hate to sound so dramatic

because they literally only prick my finger

and fill up the tiniest little vial

but it is


to make things MUCH WORSE

they were running behind

....this is also a fasting test...

i had signed up to get my screening done at 8:36 (very specific?)

and had packed my breakfast to be devoured immediately upon completion

but as i said, they were running behind

and it was 10 am before i was back at my desk for breakfast

so i'm still a bit moody even post breakfast, and now, post lunch.


yesterday i set a goal of making all my training runs this week

and i didn't admit that i slept through yesterday's morning run

but i'm proud to say, that i went home and knocked out 4 miles!

i had been setting monthly-ish goals, but after i failed at the ripped in 30 challenge

- admittedly though, i'm not too sore about it since i'm sticking to my ultimate goal of race training

i hadn't gave much thought about a new goal.

right now i'm concentrating on the half marathon in october

but that still feels so far out

(6+ weeks)

so i'm trying to not think about how far i still have to go to reach that

i'm going to really try to complete every run on my calendar for the rest of the month of september

and i'm hoping to be able to buy a new (smaller) dress for my upcoming 1 yr anniversary

so goal #2.5? #3? #4? i forgot what i'm on

be in a smaller dress size (smaller than my current size dresses which are already a bit loose on me) the first of october.


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