Sep 16, 2013

weekend and bedroom overhaul

i was in such a running slump last week and this weekend

really, there's no excuse - i mean...
i came up with several
but my pledge to  myself is just do better :)
the weekend was full of football, per usual
unfortunately my cats lost against our instate rivalry 
so i licked my wounds and went shopping at the most wonderful place on earth


yes. i go about 3 times a week.

this trip i bought:
fall m&ms - peanut, pumpkin spice, and peanut butter

which is basically the dumbest thing to buy when you're trying to lose weight
and pumpkin spice coffee
i'm actually slightly disappointed.  last year i bought the k-cup green mountain pumpkin spice and i LOVED it.  
this dunkin donuts version tastes really artificial.
to round out the fall experience
2 for 22 fall candles (one in marshmallow fireplace and the other in sweet creamy pumpkin) - plus i had a coupon for a free mini candle and 20% off - so 2 candles for $20 ain't bad!

sunday morning i decided to throw a hissy fit

i really wanted to roam around some shops and enjoy the gorgeous day

and bill really wanted to watch football.

we ended up over at lowes at noon, before football

to purchase some spray paint to refinish a plant stand on our patio

i still need to pick up one more can to touch up a few spots - i'll take some after pictures hopefully tonight

after the main (buffalo bills) football game was over, i was feeling inspired to get some other projects done around the house

i tend to dwell on all the stuff i want and need to make our place exactly what i envision

which can be really tough when money doesn't grow on trees.

that dwelling leads to me always being unhappy with the house's present state

so after wondering around the spare bedroom - which functions as a junk room/bill's office/craft room

and wondering around the living room and looking at our disaster of a bedroom

the wheels started turning.

i have my sewing machine and crafts in the spare bedroom

we tend to keep that room shut off so woodford doesn't go in there

or bill is working in there so i never feel like i can go in there and sew or dig through craft supplies

(key word:dig)

i surveyed the living room and thought about dragging the sewing machine somewhere in there - where i could get some projects completed in the evening

but i felt like the room would start to feel cluttered.

our bedroom (which i didn't take a true before picture) doesn't really function much more than a place to sleep

it's not a huge room, but we were definitely not using it to it's fullest capabilities.

our tv was on a small table - boosted up by phone books (!!! which it has been for like 2 years)

my original vision meant buying a proper dresser which would also function as a tv stand

not ready to buy anything just yet - i decided to make our bedroom work with what we had

bill loves to clean and i love rearranging furniture

so it was on!

before this picture was taken, the bed was actually turned the other way (and the cat hair on the floor was in the process of being swept up)

there was a lot of junk that had piled up that we basically had to shuffle to other rooms for the time being

we got in a groove and started moving things quite efficiently

the bookcase that was once in the living room had been relegated to the office - but it wasn't really functioning there either

so we moved it to our bedroom

which actually works quite well for the time being as a tv stand

ps. sorry about the crummy lighting

pss i really hate that wall color

psss how in the hell do you decorate/use two windows stacked on top of each other?

watching tv in bed:

what i picture down the road - and picmonkey skills are AWESOME....

we still need a narrow dresser - probably opposite the bed

and i would really like to mount the tv in the bedroom, but use some of Pottery Barn's storage ideas so the tv can be "hidden"

and also, the dresser can remain clutter free

the book shelf could be used elsewhere and a big comfy chair added to the room for reading/knitting

we also moved my nightstand over to bill's side of the bed

and shimmied in my old farm work table (that i found at a peddler's mall)

to double as my nightstand and also house my sewing machine and knitting needles (also, those hats have found a new home)

a couple of weekends ago i finally sorted and used glass jars to store my needles

so the space currently looks like this

and in my mind i see something more like this

a peg board and organized space on the wall

some art to the right of the desk

a chair

and possibly some decorative storage on the floor that can be tucked away (for yarn and fabric)

our spare bedroom looks even more cluttered now, if that's even possible

we're going to start gathering things for a spring yardsale

and the masterbathroom is looking pretty rough

but the bedroom is now a comfortable room and can also be funtional

we finished cleaning around 9:30

and it took me about an hour to finally come off my cleaning high to sleep

i feel pretty accomplished

a whole room makeover and $0 spent.


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