Sep 11, 2013

target for lunch

sometimes, on lunch, i HAVE to get out of the office

and today was one of those days

i've been doing really well lately on not spending extra money

and actually SAVING! a true addict

i wanted to....just target.

probably the worst place in the world to "just look"

but i went nonetheless

i kind of have my "route" that i take through the store

stopping first in clothing

which there is a ton of stuff on clearance!

not on clearance, though

were these amazing space cat leggings.


i didn't get them

but only because they weren't on clearance.

i did buy a skirt ($6.88!)

and headed to look at the end caps in housewares

where i found this little beauty.

i've seen these before.

but because it had that little red sticker on it

it was mine.

now our microwave shouldn't be covered in egg guts every day!

i really wanted to pick up some halloween themed dog accessories

but decided to follow my better judgement

....or at least wait until bill is with me

since he's probably more of an impulsive target shopper than i am

i was so proud of myself for leaving target and spending under $20

that NEVER happens.

i did pick up some popchips

which i'm ashamed to say i ate the whole bag (360 calories) not quite the well balanced lunch...

and a diet root beer.

it happens

now if only would get their halloween aisles out so i can decide how much more fall decorations i need!


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