Sep 3, 2013

long weekend and workouts

oh hey

i wish i could say it's so nice to be back

but i was really getting used to this whole not working/long weekend thing

actually i did have to come into the office sunday morning

but it was just for a few hours

and not having to maneuver through traffic made it not so bad

so let's review last week's workouts and weekend fun?


monday: ran 3 miles
tuesday: ran 5 miles (before work!)
wednesday: ran 3 miles
thursday: off (yeah!)
friday: was SUPPOSED to run 4 miles.  but i just wanted to sleep in.  and i never made up those 4 miles...but for good reason...
saturday: ran 6 miles - but thought my feet were going to fall off

if i had done the 4 miles on friday i probably wouldn't have been able to do the 6 on saturday.  these poor shoes were all sorts of broken down - and the seams on the inside were rubbing my ankles/heel raw and i was also developing a nasty blister on my arch

i made it through the 6 miles, feeling great aside from painful feet

and despite the high humidity which had me looking like i had just stepped out of the shower...or wet my pants..

the above is the sweat trail made by me ringing out my headband.

instead of making myself make up those 4 miles i missed i decided it was better to let me feet heal.

and luckily -

these bad boys showed up on my doorstep about 2 hours after my 6 miler.

non-running weekend fun included:

jail breaking a bottle of wine whose cork tried to keep us from the sweet nectar below

the beginning of really pretty knitting pattern (a shawl to be)

heading out to a cookout ( 2, to be exact over the weekend)

getting out the fall decorations!

(this is my favorite time of year!)

finding this painting i made last fall

adding to our chalk wall

(bill is pretty talented!)

now, before i show you my chalk creation (which, i already added to instagram) i totally made fun of this last week at old time pottery

because this is not a misspelling i'm used to seeing

i've seen "pun'kin" but not pumkin

it even looks like there's extra space between pumkin and patch - where another letter would have helped fill in


look what i did.

in my defense - i was trying my hand at different fonts and copying from a chalk print i saw online

so as soon as i get home tonight i am FIXING this.

thank you, emily, for pointing this out.

i feel so stoopid.

i think even woodford knew it was spelled wrong.


did anyone else bust out their fall candles and decor this weekend?

am i crazy?

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