Sep 6, 2013

5 on friday

oh it's on!

let's get with it - 5 things on friday

1.  i'm taking a half day today.  mainly so i can get home and run (oops, slept in AGAIN), shower, and have dinner.  wish i was this motivated this morning

2.  i think i've already made myself sick on candy corn and peanuts.  i probably shouldn't have ate it for dinner and again this morning.  oops.

3.  i bound off on this shawl last night.  it's looking mighty tiny.  i guess i will actually have to learn to block my knitting so it will be a wearable size.
4.  don't tell bill, but i was super pumped about football last night.  which is why i managed to stay up and finish my knitting.  too bad denver was having some sort of tropical storm which delayed the game and prevented me from seeing the ending.  (so glad manning got off last night for 7 touchdown passes)

5.  speaking of football - it's probably all i will be watching on sunday (thus a trip to the yarn store is in order, right?)  and it just seems appropriate to bust out a big bowl of chili.  don't even tell me it will be back in the 90's this weekend.  chili is happening.

and with that...i'm counting down the hours until lunch and i head out of here!

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