Sep 27, 2013

rachel does dallas?

i'm in dallas!  whoop!

yesterday was spent in airports and on planes

and thanks to copious amounts of caffeine

i was ready to hit the ground running when i got here

or you in style in a big ass mini van

where we were told "hot bitches be driving mini vans now!"

i've always hated on a mini van

but let me tell you

i think i'm in love

bill - let's trade in the edge for a town and country!


we're in dallas for one of our plant's physical inventories

my boss and i travel really well together - we're both like minded

like...we both really like grocery shopping

mainly because we both try to stay healthy and we've learned to head to the grocery store once we get into town to pick up all our snacks

and this was like the coolest grocery store ever! 

dallas area - i'm totally jealous of your central market grocers!

aisles and aisles of  the freshest looking meats and produce

why yes, i did take pictures of the grocery store.

and my idea of seeing the city is going to the grocery.


i picked up several goodies - which was super important since i plan on getting two training runs in!

annnnnd i totally killed my 4 miles this morning...and by killed, i mean i accidentally did 5

i suited up at 5:15 am - fanny pack and all - and headed out

annnnnd it was pitch black out - sidewalks everywhere - but next to zero street lights

what is up with that?

i mapped out my run last night

and thought i had it memorized

but i made a wrong turn

and ended up at an access road that was super busy

so i turned around and figured out where i made my mistake

but wasn't sure when i'd be at a halfway point

so i kept telling myself - "just one more song, and then turn around"

and i guess i listened to a few too many songs

and by the time i made it back to the hotel i had hit 5 miles

i'll take it

5 miles deserves a starbucks run - grande skinny caramel macchiato

and i've been stuffing my face with the largest apple i've ever seen covered in peanut butter

it's been a fairly easy trip thus far

and i'm getting pumped to run 10 miles tomorrow morning.

hopefully i don't get lost!

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