Sep 18, 2013

one good thing and one bad thing

good thing:
i wasn't proud of my mini break from running i took last week

but i think i needed it

i ran monday night and got 3 miles in (i needed 4, but it was getting too dark out)

and last night i ran 6- without stopping!


i almost messed up my ankle while running in loose gravel to avoid traffic

luckily i think i'm fine

i kept running on it

and it did feel a bit off

but i wasn't in pain

so i wasn't going to use that as an excuse to not run 6 miles

i also ran through some serious stomach issues and gas

which started at mile 2

i had some strong willpower last night!

i do not advise eating 2 cups of bean soup for lunch and not


taking care of business before running.

i came home and looked down at my splits

and i had been keeping a much faster pace than normal

time off can be a good thing!

i promptly ate a handful of m&ms and drank 3 servings of gatorade

it was 7:45 pm

and that was dinner

as i was too tired to fix anything else

bad thing:

i'm sitting at work

noticing that my underarms are feeling a little moist

and i realize that i forgot to put deodorant on

so here i am

rubbing sweet cinnamon pumpkin lotion on my hands

and carefully trying to be nonchalant about rubbing the lotion under my arms

classy i am not

but hopefully i can avoid smelling like a 13 year old boy.

happy hump day!


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