Sep 19, 2013

learning to sew

i posted this yesterday (clearly i am not afraid of a little color)

and while i'm still not sure if i remember how to thread the bobbin

i know i've already made a few rookie mistakes cutting this pattern out


i worked solely on the floor

on the carpet

i know my cutting would have been better if i had used the kitchen table instead

next time.


i didn't have anything to mark the fabric with - i'm going to have to try to re-line up the pieces i cut and mark them tonight AFTER i stop at the craft store


i didn't know you were supposed to measure from those arrow points to selvedge edge


the 4 panels of this skirt might be all over the place grain wise and pattern wise


i guess i should have bought more fabric in order to have matched up pattern repeats

but that sounds really advanced for me right now

and realistically i should have picked something with less pattern.

i'm kind of hoping the pattern is busy enough that any mistakes kind of blend in

like anything in life

sometimes you just gotta jump in head first and figure it all out as you go

and watch lots of youtube.

which is how i learned to knit - and i would say i'm a pretty intermediate knitter.

if this skirt actually ends up fitting and is wearable at least to the grocery store

i'm making a pair of those pants next!


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