Sep 23, 2013

weekend wips

it feels like fall


so basically that means

i could eat one of these

i ate like crap all weekend and mentioned several times my tummy hurting

so i'm over it for now

back to normal eating - which included hot oats straight out of the rice cooker this morning!

it's a good thing i'm over the junk food

because we filled up our candy bucket.

lord help me when we reach the reese's (which i strategically put on the bottom)

the weekend was kind of a blur - spent helping friends move and craft night with my SILs

i had wanted to really set up my sewing/knitting corner, but never really got around to doing so

i DID however make some envelope style pillow covers for the living room

4 of these pillows came with the couch

quite boring - and really did nothing to bring color into the room

so i had found this tutorial on pinterest

followed it exactly

and VIOLA!

instant transformation! 

if you've ever shopped for pillows you would know that basic decorative pillows can cost you $25+ each

this project cost me about $10 - including both front and back fabrics (backing was made out of muslin which is super cheap) and matching thread

i only fell in love with this chevron pattern - so i actually still have 2 more pillows that need covered.

i was hoping to get some contrasting patterns

my only suggestion and tweak i would make to the tutorial listed - and it's really a personal preference

the lady at the fabric store told me to bring my seam allowance in a bit at the corners - which i didn't - and you can tell from my photos you end up with really pointy pillows

it doesn't bother me really - i think they look fine

but for someone else who is a sewing newbie, i thought i would pass along the info.

i'm hoping to find more fabric on lunch today so i can finish this project tonight!

in other news

i'm prepping for a short week here at work

because it's that time of year again where i travel to our other plant locations

and do cost accounting stuff

...and do a teeny tiny bit of sightseeing while i can :)

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