Sep 4, 2013

alpaca knits

i lost my running mojo this week


i'm pretty sad about it right now

i ran monday morning, but yesterday morning i just wanted to sleep and....and i did it again this morning.

my intentions were to make up my run yesterday evening, but after sitting in traffic and not eating much all day i just wanted to be home and in my jammies.

the only way i know how to turn this funk around is to absolutely make myself run tonight when i get home.

i will.

i must.

i have to!

and perhaps i'll squeeze in an extra run this weekend to somehow account for tuesday's.

if not - it'll be ok :)

in other non-running news

my shawl

she is a-growin'

this yarn is absolutely gorgeous - i love the fall orange - and there's subtle variations of orange throughout

i'm using misti alpaca - and it's just so soft!  which makes knitting row after row easy because i don't want to put it down!

this is my first attempt at knitting a wrap/shawl and i love it - i can't wait to cast on for my next

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