Sep 20, 2013

i'm basically coco chanel

my knitting pile is getting a bit jealous

because i'm basically a seamstress now (not even close)

look at them pockets! (they have a mini pleat in the middle which is why the pattern looks off)

they are as big as shorts!

it only took me 5 tries to thread my needle

only because i couldn't find my instruction manual

and i only sewed a front to a back 3 times! 

i couldn't find my seam ripper

so i had to use a teeny tiny crochet hook.

i also discovered that part of my seams were sewn using very long stitches.  whoops.

i also had a mini panic attack when i started sewing the actual panels together

this skirt is HUGE

i made sure to measure my waist before deciding which size to cut out

and when i slipped it on there was like 6 extra inches in the waist

after texting my granny she reassured me that once i get the elastic waistband in the skirt it will pull in - and also help create the fullness

here's what i have so far (minus the waistband and hemming)

and i tried to get a picture of the huge pockets

but i don't think you'll be able to tell their enormity until i finish and put it on

for reference - here's what i'm going for

 (view A1 - the one the model is wearing)

hopefully i'll have this done by tonight - and i'm even thinking about picking up fabric to make a pair of the pants this weekend 

woodford wanted to wish you a happy weekend

and with that, i will too!

until monday!


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