Aug 1, 2013

30 Day Shred - before and after pictures and bonus pictures!

i'm so excited to share today

31 days ago i started jillian michael's 30 day shred

30 days of an intense 20 minute workout

30 days of continuing to track my calories

i never skipped a single day

i even packed along my kindle and weights to the lake to make sure i kept it up (even though there were a few choice words (of mine) about how much 'ish we were taking to the lake)

i didn't weigh myself

and i didn't do measurements

but thank goodness i took pictures

because i can really see the difference.

i could tell my clothes were fitting looser

and i was starting to fit back into some of my clothes that were hiding in my closet

but some days i just looked in the mirror and thought i was staying the same

but pictures don't lie

and by the way i love before and after pictures.  like obsessed with them

uhm...that should say 7-1-13...i was half asleep
i stared at this mashup all night last night

i couldn't believe the difference

my waist is smaller

my belly is flatter

i can gain 3 lbs and get fat face, so i think i can even see the a difference in the roundness in my face

and i can seriously see the definition in my shoulders and bicep - thanks to walking pushups i'm sure...

obviously, i still have some work to do

but for 30 days - i'm impressed!

i'm wearing the same thing in both the before and after

except for my sports bra

when i started out i was exercising in my one larger sports bra i had - i hadn't worn it in years because it was just too big

and at the start of this it was actually fitting kind of snug

by the end of the 30 days, it was much too big - much too loose to do many of the 30 DS moves in without getting hit in the face by a swinging boob

so in the after picture i'm wearing one of my running sports bras - that actually FITS again!

at the beginning on the 30DS i had convinced myself that the top i was wearing was loose and flowy

after taking the before pictures i could see that it was actually clinging to my belly

seeing the after pictures the top looks like it should and is actually getting kind of loose for doing the 30 DS

and by the way - i love the top - it's from old navy and is one of their bubble tanks - it's my favorite thing to run in right now because the tank is loose around my arms so there's no fear of any chaffing in the arm pit arena.

it should also be noted that along with the 30 day shred i was also doing some form of cardio for at least 30 minutes every day - some days that meant the elliptical, walking, running - or a combination

but as a former runner, you can loose weight through running - but you can't change your shape.  meaning you're not going to see the nice muscle definition and toning in the same way as you would by doing weight lifting.

so i guess what i'm trying to say, is that even though i was adding in other forms of exercise - i don't think i would be seeing the changes in my arms and stomach if i hadn't been doing the shred.

so what now?

i honestly loved doing the shred.

i hated it some days, but always loved getting it done

it's a great program - and is just long enough to feel like a great workout without getting boring.

it's hard enough that i'm constantly pushing myself to either perform the moves faster or perform them at the advanced level.

it's also not so hard that i'm just standing there waiting for an easier move.

and i find jillian to be really encouraging.

i also loved running in the morning and having this workout to come home to - i felt like i was really accomplished doing both

so starting sunday i'm going to start doing jillian michael's ripped in 30

it follows the 3-2-1 plan of the shred (3 minutes strength, 2 minutes cardio, 1 minute abs)

and is a 4 week program.

i'm finishing up my couch 2 5k program this week and will begin the half training on monday

i knew i wanted to keep up the strength training while i trained for the half - and jillian's workouts help give me focus - i don't want to lose the hard work i put in the past 30 days - and would love for my under arm flab to shrink!

so that, my friends, is goal #3.

to complete ripped in 30 4 week program

i guess half marathon training is in there too - but it's more of a mid-term goal since it spans 3 months.

my reward for goal #2 (completing the shred and couch 2 5k) was to get a pedicure.  lordy i need one.  but i'm going to take that goal money and sign up for the half marathon (races are $$$)

i'm thinking my reward for the ripped in 30 will be new workout pants.  the ones i'm wearing now are getting too big and my older ones are old...and the crotch.

so we'll give it another month of getting ripped to really let those pants get too big!

and because bill has been doing this with me - let's see his before and after!

bill has the luxury of being tall.  and relatively thin.

but he has lost what pudge he had around his belly - he's actually lost 12 lbs in a month!

which seems crazy to me! (and also motivating thinking about how much weight i've probably lost if i had been weighing)

i can see that his waist is straight - no love handles and his belly is a lot tighter - when we're doing the shred i can see his abs

i also noticed last weekend at the lake how much more defined his biceps were

it really is crazy to see the differences in just 1 month

i hope you joined in on the 30 DS - and i really hope this encourages others to take the challenge.

it's only 30 days.

imagine where you could be in your healthy journey in 30 days!



  1. Oh my gosh! You and your beau had amazing results!!! Congratulations!!

  2. You look fabulous!!! Way to go, girlie!! You definitely see more muscle definition! :)

  3. Awesome! You look great and it's awesome that your guy did it with you too! I told my husband he should do the shred with me and he told me he couldn't do it because he has man parts, not lady parts *rolls eyes* I'm pretty sure he couldn't even make it through one day of level one haha

  4. haha! bill enjoyed doing the shred - he used 10 lb weights - and did pretty much all the advanced moves but was sweating up a storm at every level. i guess the shred isn't as manly as "insanity" but whatever :)

  5. Your arms and stomach look awesome!! Great job!!

  6. Wow! Check out your guns/arms! Great job sticking with it the whole month! I only last 5 days! Way to be going the distance!