Aug 21, 2013

before sweat and after

before my run...

and after

so sue me - i don't remove my mascara at night.

i think some women think they'll miss their pony tail once they chop off their hair - especially if they're active

but it's no big deal

i like to use a wide headband to hold my hair back and keep sweat from dripping in my eyes

the wide headbands also keep me from feeling like they are constantly sliding off my head

i love bondi bands and have been wearing them for a few years now - bill even has a few he wears

*bonus - they are wide enough to cover your ears when it's just a wee bit chilly out!

i also love that i no longer have ponytail length hair - i HAVE to fix my hair.

of course, i've been late yesterday and today...which i'm choosing to blame on the back to school traffic and not my renewed relationship with my hair dryer


the highlight of my morning thus far?

forgetting to turn on my runkeeper app for my run :(

i discovered this about a mile in when it hadn't alerted me to my progress

and so, you'd think no big deal - i've ran the 3 mile route enough times to know when i've reached 3 miles

buuuuut i decided to run a different route in the neighborhood.

ugh.  so i ran approximately the same time as i normally do

but it's like - if runkeeper didn't record it - it didn't happen

so i'm bummed.


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