Aug 16, 2013

friday post

oh yeah!

it's friday ya'll...five on friday link up...

1.  i kind of feel like a broken record as of late so i took a couple days off from blogging.  honestly - i've written a couple of posts for a project and am kind of waiting for the go ahead to post.  so my brain dumps have been there and not here.

2.  confession.  i'm bombing on goal #3.  i haven't done ripped in 30 all week.  but, i'm ok with that.  i've stuck to my half marathon training plan.  i love being able to comfortably (slowly) run 3 miles again and am excited for longer distances.  i've ran 13 miles so far this week with 4 more to do tomorrow.  my schedule is building my leg endurance by having me run 3 days in a row plus run before my long run on saturday.  the back to back to back is leaving me tired.  maybe in a few weeks i'll be able to revisit ripped.  other wise i'm just going to pour my heart into running for awhile.

3.  my jeans are not only fitting better today - i can actually pull them out away from my belly.  the scale might be saying one thing, but it's clear my body is getting smaller.

4.  i am being absolutely spoiled by this weather right now.  i can't remember in the past 7 years when i was able to run comfortably in august.  which is probably why it's been so easy to get back into the sport.  yesterday morning was a walk day - and i actually wore a long sleeved tech tee since it was only 57 degrees out!  but it still has to get into the 40's before i consider running in long sleeves.

5.  the state fair started this week!  and we have plans to go sunday!!!  you can read about last year's trip here.  i really want to try a krispy kreme burger this year.  someone let me take a bite of theirs please?  oh, and fried girl scout cookies are definitely happening.

until monday! 


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