Aug 27, 2013

new shoes!


not to brag or anything

but i ran 5 miles before work this morning

and didn't get hit by a crazy school bus

but a big truck honked as he drove past and i almost leaped off the road thinking i was about to get hit (i wasn't)

it's not my ideal way of waking up

but it did the trick.

before saturday's run i checked the bottom of my shoes

annnnnd there's about zero tread left on my toes

it's kind of a great feeling to know you've ran SO MUCH your shoes are DONE.

but it also sucks because i have to drop considerable $$$ on new shoes

and ideally you shouldn't probably wait this long to buy new shoes

but it happens

and i'm cheap.

thank goodness i won on that scratch off this weekend or i might have put off buying shoes until there was an actual hole in them

about a year ago i found my forever shoe

the brooks' ghost series

my first pair were the 4's

which i loved on extra hard with lots of pavement

and my current pair - the 5's

a couple of months ago they came out with ghost 6

but i'm cheap

and brooks still offered their 5's at a discounted price (about $40 cheaper than the new model)

i kind of wanted to get the purple and blue again

but they were out of those

and the only ones they had left
Cheap Brooks Ghost 5 Dark Denim Angel Blue Silver

are the "dark denim and blue angel"

which, really, i don't care what color they are - i refuse to wear tennis shoes any other time besides actual running because i think they all look hideous with jeans.

so in 5-10 days i will be the proud new running mama to fresh running shoes!

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