Aug 26, 2013

workouts and weekend

collective sigh

annnnnnd we're back

let's recap last week's workouts and the weekend, shall we?

monday - i was SUPPOSED to do 3 miles but had some serious tummy issues.  i walked with bill and woodford instead.  (i had the same issues this morning but sucked it up and ran without shitting myself)

tuesday- ran 4 miles like a boss

wednesday -  ran 3 miles

thursday - rest day!  walked woodford (should have made up those 3 miles, but didn't)

friday - ran 3 miles

saturday - knocked out a solid 5 miles.  the farthest i've ran in probably 9 months.  it felt good too!  i typically run the same route or stay in the neighborhoods for my 3 mile runs, but force myself out on the "real" roads for anything further to keep myself occupied and also work on hills.  the out and back 5 miler i like to do consists of SEVERAL hills.  3 tough hills out to the 1.5 mile mark and then there's a long uphill steep climb to the turn around point.  to get through the first 3 miles i promised myself i could take a walk break on that midway hill climb.  somehow i was distracted enough that i just kept chugging along - and before i knew it - i was at the turnaround point without walking.  after that point i play a couple of mental games to get myself through.  i count down the 3 hills on my way back and once i get to the last uphill climb i keep picking a focus point to "run to" and once i reach it i pick another, and so on - until i'm on top of the hill and ready to coast down!

and, of course, pictures or it doesn't count!

the rest of my saturday was spent working on a little something for two bebes

sunday - rest day!  amen!

it was bill's company's picnic at huber's farm and winery - so we headed out, but not before stopping for a soda and scratch off

 $60 on a $2 scratch off - had me feeling like a big baller...

but actually, i need to buy new running shoes...i guess the running gods were looking down on me and knew how badly my shoes were worn

so at the farm, we had lunch and set off for some u-pick adventures

and feeling like i had a fat wallet -

i told bill to pick ALL the apples!

gala and jonathan apples were 2 of the varieties ready for pickin'

so those were the two we loaded up on

$12 worth of apples and i was ready to call it quits

because there was a sign for peach ice cream and it was hot out

i shared with bill so i wouldn't have to feel as guilty about my indulgence

we were ready to call it an afternoon, but i wanted to make a quick stop by an art festival that i knew was happening not far down the road

and by art festival i meant wine garden.

we headed home because we had this little guy to get back to

 and because i couldn't wait to do SOMETHING with some of the apples purchased

i fried them up in butter and sugar like any proper southerner would.

so perhaps i undid all my hard work on saturday for my indulgences on sunday - but it was worth it!

back on track today and counting my calories!

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