Aug 23, 2013

friday, ryan gosling, knitting

whoop whoop

let's do this thang

you know - 5 things on friday...

1.  bill's company picnic is this weekend at a local orchard.  where i also found out it is apple and peach picking time!  i know i'm all on this eating healthy kick - but there ought to be an apple or peach pie in the future.

2.  several people at work have noticed my weight loss and it's making me feel all fierce and shit.  my once muffin top inducing jeans slid right up this morning (fresh out of the dryer even)

3. this happened last night
it's basically my favorite scarf pattern ever

and with knitting back in my life i'm ready for football - naturally these two go together.

4.  and with knitting back, i have 2 projects in my wip bag - two hats - that i promised people last year - so those will be getting done asap

as well as some pumpkin hats for two very deserving twins.  

5.  3 weeks in on the half marathon training and i'm feeling great.  5 miles tomorrow morning will be happening at the crack of dawn in order to avoid the heat (blech, i was getting use to those 55 degree mornings)

ANNND finally - bath and body works candles are 2 for 22 right now

Sweater Weather 14.5 oz. 3-Wick Candle - Slatkin & Co. - Bath & Body Works 

which has me in the mood to bust out a sweater, a fall candle, turn some football on, and knit away for 4 hours

ryan gosling just gets me....

happy weekend my friends!

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