Aug 20, 2013

got the weave did

i got my weave did!

as you'll recall

i was rocking the squirrel tail

i haven't blow dried my hair in over 3 months.

curly hair.

don't care.

but seriously, my hair was a hot mess

and my salon was running a back to school special - half off!

oh yeah!

so my usual $40 cut was just $20

of course, i waited until the last possible day to use my discount.

and in true rachel hair cut fashion, my tardiness meant i would let someone new, once again, cut about 4 inches off my hair


it's just hair

and i feel like the old rachel again

i was blessed/cursed with lots of hair

so i made sure she took those weird scissors and thinning razor thing to my head big time.

is that enough pictures of my ginormous head?

i meant to take a picture this morning before my run to show how i was trying to keep the hair out of my face - but i forgot - and post run i had what looked to be wet bedhead and yesterday's mascara had me looking like a raccoon on heroin.

so maybe tomorrow.

one more headshot?  ok.  #workselfie


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