Aug 9, 2013

it's the freakin weekend

yay!  we made it!

5 things to round out the week:

1.  i had my annual lady check up this morning and all i could think about was mama june talking about her relationship with sugar bear - and how it was supposed to be a "hook em and book em"

i don't know.

and i also stepped on the scale -  which i stepped on it monday as well - and it pissed me off (whatever my pants are loose) but since monday i've lost 3 lbs

2.  football is back.  i mean it's preseason games, but it's still back.  and college games start late this month.  so, basically, i'm free every sunday as my husband will be glued to 2 tvs, a laptop, his phone, and an ipad.  (ps, don't rob us, our neighbors have better stuff)  and apparently preseason tickets are super cheap.  because we're going to see the buffalo bills at indy this weekend.  i'm breaking out my zubaz pants.

 no, really.  i have a pair.

3.  i thought it would be a nice change up to run a different route this morning.  the route that is nothing but hill work.

girl, my hamstrings are on fire.

4.  my yellow peppers are indeed yellow peppers - they only take 1 month to turn yellow.  which explains why they are always so much more expensive at the grocery.  ugh.  next year i'm only planting green bell peppers.

 5.  my recent addiction?  - full house EVERY NIGHT.  it comes on nick at nite.  and i just can't get enough
full house gifs

i know michelle, i lead a sad sad life.


but i can't get enough uncle jesse

Animated Gif on Giphy

i loved his moussed up mullet

and nearly 30 years later

have mercy, indeed!


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