Aug 13, 2013

makeup runs

you know what happens when you put your run off in the morning

(granted, i had some serious tummy issues)

you get to run 3 miles in the pouring rain

and your mascara runs right along with you

so you can scare your neighbors!

woodford also joined me on the 3 miles

i was too nervous to venture outside of the neighborhood with visibility low

so i ran in circles

our neighborhood is an exact half mile loop

so i ran

6 times around

i was so bored.

i also nixed my earbuds so i could let my mind wonder

i ran past our gym 6 times

and every time, i secretly laughed at my neighbors running on the treadmill, going no where

don't worry

i immediately remembered i was running in circles and they were probably laughing at me since they at least got to watch housewives while they ran

i hated having to make up my run

it kind of sucked that it was raining so hard for most of it

i also didn't get to eat dinner until about 8 pm

but you know what!

i finished it

i did what i said i would

and it's a check mark on my ridiculously detailed running calendar.

and then, it sucked again this morning when i had to do 4 miles.

i would love to say that i powered through them

but my legs are still building up endurance and back to back runs within 8 hours of each other kind of sucks

i also decided to do the hilly out and back.


i walked some and took my time

and it's over with for the day!

question out there for anyone who works out or runs in the morning:

do you have tummy issues every morning?

i, again, woke up this morning to a slightly off stomach. (thankfully i was able to take care of business before heading out)

maybe it's because i ate so late last night?



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