Aug 2, 2013

friday ya'll

it's friday bishes

i also had to double check if i spelled friday correctly - after typing it 3 times it started to look wrong.

1. i really don't want to spend $50 on a hair cut and am 2 glasses of wine away from shearing my own head.

2.  i would really like to get pictures done this fall of bill and i since the ones at our wedding were less than professional.  and i'm having a great time looking through photographers' portfolios online.  all i'm going to say is that nobody is ever going to be taking a picture of me in a sports bra giving birth in a blow up tub - let alone allow it to be posted online.

  Funny Confession Ecard: I want to defriend you, but your pictures and status updates help me feel better about myself.
and for the love of bejezzus your passive vague status updates are annoying.  "whatever, i'm over it.  guess nobody cares about me" i would delete the hell out of you, but seriously, your spray on tan and hair and other status updates got me facebook creepin like i'm watching a real life trailer park version of real housewives.

4.  speaking of trailer parks...i sat myself down wednesday night and got completely caught up on my 'boo

 5.  i feel completely too old to be indulging in abc family's the vineyard

but it fills the void left by laguna beach...and i'm not sorry

so with that

have a great weekend


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